Kytha Gernatt

San Francisco, California, USA
Chama, New Mexico, USA

I am from a very large, very close, very Christian family in Marietta, Georgia. I left home early and often and found acceptance with the dredges and outcasts of society. I skipped school to hang out with a biker gang, I traveled with the carnival, became a punk rock micro-star, and lived with a soon-to-be Drag-Pop Mega Diva.

After spending several months squatting in a vacant flat on the corner of Haight and Ashbury, I spent the next four years living on the streets of San Francisco where I painted and drank everyday. Did I mention I’m gay?

I got clean and sober, worked at, ran and started non-profit art programs. I even served on the Board of Directors of Unity Church of San Francisco (I have the “God gene” too). Then I burnt out and stayed out for the better part of a decade (the Bush 2.0 years). Most recently, I have emerged from a long dark night bringing with me the strongest work of my life. I am a painter and a poet.

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