Laurie Lahti

United States

Laurie Lahti has always possessed a love for the written word. Spending much of her childhood engrossed in books, she’s always yearned to be a writer. Her passion for reading and writing guided her to become an English teacher and earn a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching; she’s taught for nearly two decades. With a harsh inner critic, it’s only been recently that Laurie has allowed herself to write (beyond journaling) and realize her stories are important.

Along with a love for language, Laurie has been drawn toward spirituality since childhood. Viewing her life as a spiritual journey, she completed a Yoga Teachers’ Training Course in 2011, and she has worked as an RYT 200 since then. She’s passionate about the myriad benefits that yoga offers, particularly its ability to relieve suffering. Relatedly, Laurie is a Reiki practitioner and uses healing energy where she feels called. Laurie is committed to creating a meaningful life and becoming her most authentic self, instead of hiding her voice like she’s done for far too long.

Laurie enjoys sharing her life with a loving husband, daughter, and dog.

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