Lisa Burroughs

Ohio, USA
New Mexico, USA

Artist, fine art photographer, filmmaker — 2015. Formerly I was the Creative Photography Director of Newsweek Magazine, NYC. Photography Director of Lear’s Magazine, NYC; the Photography Director of EnRoute & Privilege Magazine, Toronto and a Picture Editor, Maclean’s Magazine, Toronto. I was also an Adjunct Professor at John Carroll University, Kent State University, Ohio and an Adjunct Professor at The School of Visual Arts, NYC. For editorial photographs commissioned and directed by Burroughs there were numerous awards. In New York there was the National Magazine Award Nomination for Best Issue in the Service category, Newsweek, NYC. In Toronto there were awards from Communication Arts, Applied Arts, CAPIC, Art Directors Club of Toronto, Studio Magazine.

For screenwriting, Teresa Delmundo finished in the top 3% of semi-finalist in record year of submissions, Chesterfield writers Film Project, L.A. Studied film Direction under Adrienne Weiss, and Writers Boot camp Think Tank, NYC.

Educated at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Instituto de Allende, Mexico and Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto. Video and film exhibitions in NYC and Mexico City early in career.

All Contributors, Volume 3 Issue 3