Maya Telford

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

My fascination with the creative process started long ago and from the early age of four, I have been dabbling in just about every medium. Clay and fiber, along with paint, have been pretty much constant companions over the years.

In the 70’s I had showings at Rembrandt Studios in North Vancouver and was also on the Board of Presentation House. In the 80’s, while living on Maui, Hawaii, I became involved with the artist co-op there and also with the Wailea Art Centre. And in the 90’s I was an exhibiting artist at Galleria Gordana in Fort Langley for eight years.

During the past 15 years, I have been very involved with textile art, both the dyeing and distressing of fabric and also the creation of art quilts with an extensive teaching and online presence. However, over the last few years, my big passion, that of painting on canvas, has resurfaced. I have been creating a large and comprehensive body of work exchanging oils and palette knives for acrylics and brushes. I have also exchanged abstract landscapes for painting the divine feminine in all the myriad forms She shows to me.

I was born and grew up in Montreal until my early 20’s where I attended Ecole des beaux-arts, then relocated to Vancouver with a few years spent in Hawaii. In 1990, I moved from my home in West Vancouver to the Fraser Valley raising my family there. 2008 saw me moving back to the North Shore where I presently live in the Lynn Valley area.

At the moment, as well as my spiritual work and painting, I am embarking on teaching my form of art, contemporary symbolism, with a heavy emphasis on the sacred feminine.

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