Michelle Price

United States

Swimmer, siren, sea serpent that I am, I call upon my favorite elemental muse (the water) for inspiration. I press my pen to the paper and wait for the ink to flow; I will not rest until I see waves. When a hurricane of emotions hits, I am the one standing on the shoreline, taking inventory of all the things that were suddenly swept away. I am the one recording what is wrecked, what is gone, and what remains. I am the barefooted explorer who dances between pieces of broken glass, trying to retrieve any traces of treasure.

As a writer, I believe in the power of art to bring to the surface that which has been buried deep below. When we gain the courage to free ourselves from forces that hinder our true creative expression, we begin the healing process. Be it pen or paint brush, I honor all the many different tools of healing we women chose to be reminded of our true wild spirit.

All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 1