by Douglas Walker

Grandmother Nakai Breen was a Cherokee medicine woman in southwest Texas. She was known throughout the world for her compassion, her dedication to serving others and her powerful healing capabilities. She was fully connected to multidimensional reality. She was able to call eagles from the sky. She testified on behalf of the Texas Kickapoo before both the Senate and Congress in 1983. Her testimony led to the passage of H.R. 4496, the bill which led to the Texas Kickapoo’s right to land, medical and other citizen rights under our U.S. Constitution. To date, she is the only Native American woman who has ever served in this role. I believe she was one of the “Keepers of the Planet” and a whole lot more.

Nakai — Early Years

A friend had an old black and white photograph of Nakai that was taken in her 20s. I was impressed by the presence she exuded even then. Nakai has been healing people since she was five years old. So beautiful, so powerful.

Oil on canvas . 24″ x 18″

Nakai — 2012

This painting shows Nakai as she looked in January, 2012. Her depth of wisdom is so profound. She is such a shining Light.

Oil on canvas . 24″ x 18″

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 8