Nicole Taylor

United States

Nicole Taylor lives in Eugene, Oregon and currently has no MFA’s but many hopeful projects, a varieties of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She is an artist, a hiker, a poetry note taker, a sketcher, a volunteer and a dancer, formerly in Salem’s DanceAbility. Her poems have been accepted in BareBack Journal — an online Canadian journal, Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac, Camel Saloon; Cirque Journal; Clackamas Literary Review; Denali Journal of Lane Community College, recently Eugene’s 150th Birthday Poetry Collection Anthology, Four and Twenty Journal; Full of Crow; Gloom Cupboard; Haggard and Halloo; Just Another Art Movement Journal — New Zealand, KenAgain; Kerouac’s Dog; Miller’s Pond, Outlaw Poetry Network; Pemmican; Sketchbook, Snow Monkey; Symmetry Pebbles; Tiger’s Eye, Watercourse Journal, West Wind Review, Yes (an anthology of the Silverton Poetry Association), Zygote in my Coffee and others. She has won bookstore gift certificates, workshop scholarships, a small online Beatnik contest and respect from many Oregon poets. She blogs at Facebook, Bogspot and at Oregon Poetic Voices, a collection of Oregon poets with written and audio poetry available online through Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 6