Ode to the Mountain

by Nathalie Jackson

Mountain, beautiful mountain
All around me
Surrounding me, filling me
With images of years gone by
Ageless wisdom

How long have you known?
How many moons have risen and fallen
On your shoulders?
What have you seen?
Before time
Before concrete, electronics, cars
Before birds, caribou, salmon
Surpassing the lives of millions
You’ve listened and witnessed
Silently you stand
Wordlessly you hold life as it is

Do you long for it to be better?
Do you mourn the falls and mis-takes
Left in the wake of humankind?
The factories and vehicles that pollute your roots
The taking of all you possess
Does this bring you pain?

Today I stand in awe before you
Knowing you will go on long after the walls have fallen
Long after I return to ashes

Your beauty will remain
Millions of years from now,
Silently, wordlessly
Your impeccability forever unharmed

You possess what can never be taken
Humanity will come and go
Civilizations laid to rest
And still you will remain

The mark of true strength stands before me
with humble gratitude, I bow

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 9