One Breath

by Helene Rose

One Breath

there is but one breath that we take when we wake
that declares to the world, “My soul shall not break!”

without fear, i rise from my deep slumber
into a moment of pure bliss and wonder.
to be alive in this moment is all that i need,
so i sip in air and i breathe, OH how i breathe!

breathing in Life, my gratitude grows,
grateful for this moment to leap to my toes.
i embrace this One Life and my heart opens wider
into the floodgates of my highest knowing power.

the past washes away, cleansed by my sight,
eyes open wider in pure delight
to experience the wonder of living out loud
embodied and brilliant, i am so proud!

i see where i’ve been, in trauma and peril
almost crushed to oblivion by living too narrow.
so i rise and remember the gift of learning,
each new moment keenly discerning.

letting it all go. letting it be.
trusting myself and embracing my divinity.

Sound & Motion, Volume 2 Issue 7