Our Mission during this Changing Reality

by Vanessa Codorniu

Many believe this earth as we know it is changing: yes, I know ALL IS CHANGING. I am speaking of an increased transpersonal, spiritual and conscious-expanding SHIFT. If this SHIFT is supposed to be so good…why am I confused, suffering or feel like I’m in limbo at times? The stars are shifting above us and within us. Many spiritual seekers, teachers, shamans and priestesses I know have realized that, “We cannot get away with ignorance anymore. We know better. We must do better.”

Some would argue, did we ever really get away with ignorance or turning the other way?

The point is that the time we have been waiting for and hearing about, the great SHIFT and change is here. NOW. This great opening can send us reeling into unknown spaces. What we were intellectually certain of can become shaky and what we counted on physically, now questionable.

As brilliant, bright, loving and eternal as we are, the earthly component will always creep up as indeed, here we ARE. I want to reach out and say that YOU KNOW SO MUCH.

Trust this.

Your heart may cry for the world. Your mind may scatter with earthly events and your body may want to go to sleep…and YOU know better.

Let’s continue to have intense self-care. Let’s continue to ask and receive guidance that is there for us always. Let’s hold the most beautiful of visions as we also take into account the practical aspects of our time here.

Our days here may be numbered (as being human usually is) and the waves we create, whether thru kindness, humor, love or hate and ignorance CONTINUE. SO even if media, Facebook, friends and community grow in fear or despair KNOW that your LIGHT is needed, so SHINE.

SHINE in the little ways that make life worth living.

SHINE thru your eyes as you see beauty wherever you are.

GIVE love, attention and care to those around you, to yourself, to your plants, pets and causes.

Parts of the world may feel like they are falling apart…and they maybe. So how do we rebuild and heal? The way we fight is not with guns, spears or hate. We match this discord with FAITH. We match it with LOVE. We match it with a knowing deep in our Souls that we VOLUNTEERED to be HERE NOW. AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING of a bigger picture.

We are not willy-nilly victims of circumstance. We are Souls that returned to support a great shift!

We can do this thru healing, gardening, smiling at strangers, businesses, teaching, guiding, listening, BEING, LOVING.

The lower vibes can feel overwhelming. They can threaten to drown us in sorrow for humanity, a humankind that has all possibilities for Heaven on Earth and yet…we struggle.

SO turn that pain and sorrow into hope. For what is now is not forever.

We were given our abilities to be able to connect to the Divine Truth no matter what is happening around us.

This intuition is not a delicate creature, it is an anchor to our Soul.

You have a third eye to SEE. See well. You have a body, a heart and mind to SENSE, FEEL and KNOW.

Oppression, betrayal, lies and manipulation cannot last forever. Neither can holding our heads in the sand or hiding who we are.

Many feel called to greatness. Many feel they have a mission.

What if this MISSION is to RISE above the current fear and darkness?

What if this greatness and mission was standing strong in the LIGHT, LOVE and COMPASSION for our brothers and sisters who have forgotten?

What IF,
this grand mission
was simply to BE
the magnificent loving BEING
that YOU truly are
holding space
as this new reality is anchored?

Blessed be, Ache, Aho & AMEN!

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 10