by Wendy Mitchell, Judy Zehr and Scott Lockhart

“The old ones, they who have persevered, look upon them with respect. For they in their very being can teach us to look beyond the seeming impossibility of circumstance, to look toward the light no matter its distance. In their reach lies the beauty of striving to be.” — Raemon

We face many obstacles. These come with living the life that was given to us. Some will be hard to overcome. Most are not our fault. All are there for our learning and our growth. Dealing with them, of course, is likely to involve some pain and require a lot of perseverance. But that is how we grow strong enough to carry our own weight.

Perseverance, perspective and endurance are at the heart of every challenging journey. Have you watched the film “Wild” about Cheryl Strayed on her Pacific Crest Trail Odyssey?

“If your nerve deny you, go above your nerve…” By Emily Dickinson, as quoted in the trailer from “Wild.”

Volume 3 Issue 4, Wise Woman Wisdom