Prem Danielle Tonossi

Crawford Bay, British Columbia, CA

Originally from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, I immigrated to British Columbia, Canada some 17 years ago and now reside in the beautiful Kootenays. My journey in life has always been a colorful expression of Spirit embodied in matter.

My artist’s name is PREM and I am a visionary artist.

I celebrate Mother Earth and the multiple aspects of the Divine Feminine. I see each blank canvas as a portal to the depth of the inner sacred being. Painting is for me a creative spiritual practice, a powerful tool for healing on a personal and collective level.

My new inspirational deck “Multiple Womyn, Who Am I?” is dedicated to the Sacred Feminine Nature, so that we may enjoy the precious aspects of our essential feminine power.

My deep heart’s desire is to embrace life with creativity, passion and gratitude and share this with you!

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