Rachel Sarah Jones, PhD

London, UK

Rachel Sarah Jones was born in Washington, DC and began creating art at an early age, inspired by a long line of artists in her family. She continued painting and drawing until the age of 17 when she decided to put her artwork aside and focus on her interest in Sociology. Rachel studied Sociology at Columbia University and while there she focused solely on an academic curriculum, refusing to paint or draw for several years. In her last year of University, she decided to take up art once again by enrolling in a drawing class. Although she did not know it at the time, that drawing class changed her life forever. Rachel’s dream of becoming an artist was reignited and from there she realized that she had to pursue a career in the arts formally, going on to obtain a Masters degree and a PhD. The creative process has been a subject of Rachel’s research over the years and she believes it to be an underrated yet extremely powerful source of knowledge about the self and the world around us. Rachel believes strongly that the creative process is an act of connecting with the life-force energy that runs throughout the universe. After years of using meditation, visualization and other energy-based exercises within her own artistic practice to overcome creative blocks, Rachel felt inspired to share these techniques with others. In 2013 she developed the Tapping Into Your Creative Flow series, which provides materials for releasing blocks to creativity and manifesting creative goals. Rachel has exhibited her artwork in New York, London, Glasgow and Washington, DC. and she regularly presents her work at international conferences and festivals. She currently lives in London with her husband and their dog.


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