Rebecca Hyland

United States

Rebecca (Karen Harmon) Hyland graduated from the University of Oregon, B.A., Drawing and Painting. She worked as a Graphic Artist in Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas. In San Antonio Rebecca opened her first gallery. In 1971 she taught herself to batik and refined the art. She opened a batik studio and fine art gallery “Rebecca and Friends” in Denver, Colorado (1971-72). In 1972-74 she had a batik studio in San Francisco, California. In 1974 she and her husband moved to Anacortes, Washington where she opened a graphic art and batik studio (1978-1985). When Rebecca’s husband Ansel, an anesthesiologist, took a two-year ssignment (1985-87) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Rebecca and their two sons joined him. She resumed her studio work in 1988 in Anacortes. In 1994 Rebecca began School Arts Visits. Rebecca and her family traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Africa. She kept journals, each of them filled with notations and sketches which were later rendered in various media. Rebecca was a visiting artist to two schools in Skagit county, Washington state. As a teen-ager Rebecca had glomerulonephritis. As an adult she received a kidney transplant which was successful. Although diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease she continued to sketch and paint. Always industrious and determined to live life to the fullest, Rebecca used her creative talents and shared with others. Rebecca enjoyed most to paint in watercolor, but she excelled at batiking and oil painting. She batiked fabulous kimonos and jackets that she made of silk. Rebecca participated in many solo and major shows, group exhibitions, plus publications and community projects. Rebecca, along with Chara Curtis, received the prestigious literary award, the 1997 Governor’s Writers Award for their children’s book, No One Walks On My Father’s Moon, which Rebecca illustrated. She also illustrated Anita Mayers’ book Clothing From The Hands That Weave. Bright and beautiful, Rebecca embraced her environment with open arms. She had a heightened sensory awareness and a keen perception of beauty that she saw everywhere. Rebecca had the ability to help others see beauty too. Rebecca edited three novel manuscripts for her mother, Nadine Waltman Harmon, and illustrated several of her articles. Rebecca’s many graphic designs will be used in a cookbook she and her mother collaborated on. Rebecca’s home on Guemes Island is filled with her paintings, books and treasures from her travels. Rebecca has many friends scattered throughout the United States. Rebecca, with her sweet smile, courageous and enduring spirit will be forever missed by her loved ones and friends.

Rebecca Karen was born May 20, 1944 and died on June 7, 2014.

All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 8