Sara Gately

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I am a 2D Visual Artist and k-8 Art Teacher. I received my BA at Hampshire College in Comparative Religion and Visual Art. I earned my M. ED at Lesley University in Teaching Visual Art. I have lived in Boston for over eight years and I have never lived anywhere besides Massachusetts. I am an artist who uses line and color to express my emotions about a variety of issues, both personally and globally. I am heavily influenced by the symbolism inherent in graffiti, as well as religious iconography of every culture. Using these references for my art, I strive to create my own systems of symbols to visually communicate with the world. A world for which I am inspired by and extremely disappointed with.

Much of my art is informed by the fact that I am a sexual and physical abuse survivor, as well as live with a chronic degenerative health condition. These elements of my life contribute to my subject matter, as well as the aesthetic of my pieces.

Although I admire, respect and envy realist artists, I do not prefer to create art that represents every day reality. I am an artist who desires to bring the world of my imagination to light and share it with others to decipher, decode and contextualize. In the same vein, I do not identify as an abstract or abstract expressionistic artist. It is my belief that viewers of my art can always find something recognizable from reality. That recognizable “thing” is different for each person. It is my goal for my viewers to see things that I did not consciously place in my art, this is how I know my art has fulfilled its purpose. I am available for commission upon request.

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