Artwork by Katlyn Breene
Poem by Bhen Rudha

Be still in the dark and listen.
For in the night you’ll find mystery and secrets and breath that barely leaves the lips.
There is wisdom there.

So sing gently into the silent night, Lion Mother,
And drip honeyed dreams into the hearts of Your children.

Be still in the dark and see.
For the shadows have mingled into pools of bitter memory and the sweet slide of skin against skin.
There is healing there.

So walk softly through the silvered night, Lion Daughter,
And let Your steps become the heartbeat of the earth.

Be still in the dark and touch.
For the dark can guide, as surely as the day, with a gentler hand, a lighter touch, a softer lesson.
There is peace there.

So journey through the tides of darkest night, Lion Teacher,

And weave the strands of ebon and bright into magick.

Be still in the dark and taste.
For fear hides in the monochrome cloak and the poison salt reminds us that we are alive.
There is power there.

So adorn yourself in the pinpoint jewels of deepest night, Lion Lover,
And set Your beauty ablaze to beacon us home.

Be still in the dark and know.
For your heart, so wild and free, is no less brilliant in the Moon’s sterling incandescence.
There is connection there.

So look up to the Mirror of Night, Lion Sister,
And see Your radiance reflected there.

Written for the installation of the new statue of Sekhmet at the Goddess Temple, Cactus Springs, Nevada.

Art Gallery, Volume 2 Issue 11