Self Pleasure

by Bolajoko Collins

Lungs expand
carrying breaths
Inviting my morning inhale

A routine of locking personal perfumes within nostrils
retaining scents as momentary keepsakes

Then exhale
lungs release forward
chest tangos between outward and inward pulls
my scent still lingers in the pits of my nostrils

breathe in a daily regimen
of warm touches on my design

Fingers glide
the flare of my cunt

Pressing into pinkness
underneath soft mounds

Dig in to pull out nectar orgasms
flowing into fingerprints
fingers soaked in
foremothers fragrant shea butters
that smell palpable

Voice of husk,
deep and resounding
then lifts in waves of heavy breathing
uttering moans
into a life force awakening

Legs push towards twitches of excitement
shoulders broaden into beauty
sit back into plushness of pillows

My daily regimen
of perfect fingers
birthing orgasm
excreting placenta nourishment

Scent of fingerprints
thick with nectars
assertive lingers after multiple hand washes

I carry scent keepsakes
of self-love trinkets
as testaments of my pleasure

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 9