Shawna Stewart

Santee, California, USA

I’m a myriad of things…a mom, a wife, a vegan, a bringer of love, a conjurer of happy, a little bit gypsy, a little bit hippy, a blast of bohemian, a whole lot of goddess and a heavy sprinkling of magic. My art is a reflection of that.

I began painting in 2013. I felt called to do so, as illogical as it seemed. Though I have always been creative, at the time, I didn’t consider myself artistic. On a whim, I stripped down some existing chairs and repainted them…happy style. The more I painted, the more I felt called to do so, and not just on repurposed furniture (though I do love me some reduce-reuse-recycling fun). I can’t fully describe what transpires when I paint. I often don’t even know the direction in which a painting is headed, but the desire (need) to get it out is all encompassing. I feel truly guided and am abundantly grateful to be able to take part in this magical journey and create a tangible kind of HAPPY that can transcend the canvas and the strokes and fill the hearts of many!

I’m passionate about discovering and magnifying the divine feminine, in all things. I hope that my art is enlightening, inspiring, nurturing and divine, but most of all a tangible happy that resonates long after it’s left my studio. The energy that is intentionally poured into each piece is as important, I believe, as the image being created.

All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 10