Simran Singh

United States

Simran Singh is a creative visionary, transformational catalyst and Leading Voice for the Journey of the Soul. Publisher of the Nautilus Award Winning 11:11 Magazine, the only publication to have ever been granted this designation and #1 rated syndicated radio show host, Simran brings to the forefront a unique interpretation blending co-creative power with metaphysics and personal responsibility. Impacting thousands upon thousands with her message, her passionate style takes individuals on a journey into personal power, authenticity and presence. Simran is known to assist individuals in understanding the conversation the Universe is begging to have with each and every one of us along with the energetic necessities to assist in manifesting powerfully. Heralded by leading change agents, best selling authors, world renowned healers and personal development speakers as a unique source of powerful truth, wisdom and content rich dialogue, Simran’s creative resources result in immense growth for individuals awakening to their greatness.

All Contributors, Volume 2 Issue 4