Song of the Heart

by JoAnne Dodgson

In the deep dark night in the rainforest, tiny rainbow-colored frogs climb up into the branches of the trees. Waves of intricate rhythms and sounds come alive as the Tree Frogs begin to sing. Peeps and creeks and melodies dance on the air, wafting through the trees, lighting up the night. With playful aliveness. Connection. Creativity. Joy.

Pure Joy.

Tree Frogs sing from their hearts naturally. It’s who they are. It’s essential. It’s what they’ve come here to do.

When Tree Frogs sing, they fill the rainforest with their colorful voices. With the very breath of life.

And the Trees breath this in. Receiving. Soaking up the sharing.

And the Trees breath out. Sending oceanic waves rippling beyond the rainforest. A joy-filled ever-flowing Giving. Of the very breath of life. Which nourishes countless beings, so incredibly diverse, all around our planet.

So when Tree Frogs sing, they feed the rainforest. And the breath of the rainforest feeds the mother earth. And when the earth and her beings are abundantly nourished, there is harmony and happiness. Boundless giving and receiving. The birthing of balance. Exuberant, radiant, interwoven Balance. This is the dance of Creation. The Love of Life.

All set into motion by little rainbow-colored frogs.

But that’s not why Tree Frogs climb up into the branches and fill the rainforest nights with song. They’re not trying to make everybody else change and grow. They don’t feel burdened by the idea that it’s solely up to them to heal the world. Tree Frogs aren’t forcing anyone to follow along in their footsteps. They’re not waiting for applause.

Tree Frogs sing.

Just because. It’s a natural thing. It’s an unstoppable, passionate, creative expression of the beauty of their being. Night after night. Day after day. Through the earth’s changing seasons. Rain or shine.

Sharing the song of the heart, Tree Frogs bring Balance. For their lives. For all life. For our planet.

Sharing the Song in our hearts, so can we.

Journal, Volume 1 Issue 1