Tanya Sheikh

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I am Magical Fairy Child invited into the Fullness of Herself through a journey of Awakening that commenced with the passing of my father, furthered by a kundalini awakening through sexual ecstasy which in turn led to the dark depths of anguish and back again. Along the way I morphed into a Woman who can stand in the light and in the shadow, who knows herself as Infinity and the Void therein. I hold space for others through my presence and my energy work to Remember Who They Are, allowing that which is not of essence and of truth to transform, dissolve, transmute. I hold space for the bliss of the Being to shine forth.

I write as an invitation into that which lies beyond the mundane, the bliss that can be touched upon if we slow down, listen and taste the truth of the moment.

Thank you for meeting me here.


All Contributors, Volume 3 Issue 2