The Call

by Nathalie Jackson

I heard a call
Deep within my very bones
To be all I’m here to be
Through synchronicity
Sublime divinity
And profound creativity
I leaped
I stepped
The Earth She beckons me
She’s captured me
She lures me
In the heart of Her heart
I hear my own rhythm
Ancient bones that are my bones
Ancient blood that is my very life force
Ancient rhythm
That calls forth my very Beat
The path laid out for My Feet alone
The whisper that screams, “LEAP!”

Do I move?
Do I groove?
Do I lose myself
In the swale of mystery?
The choice is mine alone
To get lost to come home
To find a Beat to call My Own
To know I’m never, ever alone

Prayer-filled humbling
Powerful becoming
Ecstatic awakening

I choose YES

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 6