The Paradox

by Nathalie Jackson

Life is a paradox
A living dichotomy
The Knight, the Queen
The Black, the White
At once full of hope
Tears brimming with joy
Feeling the beauty that is life
Coursing through my veins.
Such Goodness, such Courage.

And in an instant feeling the gravity
The weight and burdens Mother Earth bares
The wars over resources
The perpetuity of generations of hatred
The needless taking of human life
For profit — for power
Followers following
In blind obedience
When will we stand for Acceptance,
Respect & Appreciation of one another?

My heart is full of ALL
The Knight, the Queen
The Black, the White
Can we have one without the other?
Can we live in the paradox
without the paradox?
Yes and No
All is in me
I am all of it
I am.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 11