The Sun Has No Shadow

A Morning Nature Lesson

by Barbara Heile

morning sun is shining on the Sycamore outside my window.
the branches cast their shadows on the trunk of the tree.

another tree casts its shadow on the barn.

barns are made for holding
steadily, quietly, protective

whatever is inside those weathered walls and broad roofs.
they can hold the cast shadows of others without concern.

the Sun moves the day along.
and I watch the shadows pass.

I feel the desire to paint this barn, again.
I can feel mind wanting to make a religion out of this moment of seeing and feeling,
to drive the point home
again and again and again,
however beautifully.

sometimes it is enough
just to see.
and to write.

ah, always there is more.

another shadow reaches the barn.
the sycamore stands fully lit now.
and the Sun moves me outside for a walk.
yet another opportunity for kindness.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 6