The Way of the Heart

by Trishuwa

I saw a coyote.
He moved so swiftly his body
stretched across the earth and the sky.
I watched him travel and followed.
Coyote laughed with me.
He laughed with the whole universe.
My eyes changed.
They became like the stars, bright and shiny.

I lost the way back to
before I saw Coyote.
I was never to return.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have
marked the trail.
You see I thought that someone would find me.
Take me back to before.
Once in a while someone does comes along,
but the same thing happens to them.
They never return to the before time.

They are the ones with eyes of stars,
laughter that vibrates with the universe,
and bodies that stretch
across the earth and into the sky.

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 2