This Body is a Vast Terrain

by Eva Burke

…and then from the one pool we sprang,
leaping across the invisible abyss onto a new earth.
The terrain was hard and supportive,
but still we walked with a heavy, lumbering step,
and with eyes still unseeing from new birth.
We’ve been stumbling and trampling a long time,
been playing like children with our blocks,
seeing just how tall and how many.
We’ve been building a delicate system of distractions,
seeing just how long we could cut-off from the mystery of living.
But the blocks always fall
and we are faced again with the choice.
Which way to go from here…

…and then the child spins around,
bored with amusement,
and sets off in a new direction
eagerly seeking, yet
secretly knowing already
the really real:
the flesh of mother,
the soothing breast,
her firm embrace
and loving gaze,
of milk
and honey…

…the body itself is a vast terrain,
with its bones, like rocks
flesh, like flowers,
let blood be the waters,
and limbs like grass.
Let us start a new journey
and learn to sway
and flow,
to quake and grow,
to spin and dance,
to stretch
and to feel our very own

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 4