Turning of the Times

by JoAnne Dodgson

How can we create a world of harmony, happiness, and well-being for humans and all life on earth as we move into the new year?

This question was asked in a Throwing of the Bones Ceremony, a Peruvian healing art and divination ceremony in the ways of Ka Ta See. Here is the Spirits’ response:

Building from the Inside Out

The Bone Spirits show that creating a world of harmony, happiness, and well-being begins by having these energies felt, known, and actively alive on the inside, in our inner worlds. We build a harmonious world from the inside out.

The key is our personal and collective awakening as humans. Remembering who and what we really are. Living life as a genuine expression of our true selves. Not somebody else’s expectations. Not society’s map for our lives. No judgments, assumptions, or fears.

In the Peruvian ways of Ka Ta See, your self, the totality of your being, is poetically described as your ‘Song.’ To wake up means to remember your Song. To feel, know, experience, and openly share who and what you really are. You being you, for real.

The Bone Spirits describe personal awakening as a passionate quest, a sacred hunt to undergo with commitment. Commitment to find your Song. Commitment to waking up. To live centered in the knowing of who you really are. To freely pursue your life purposes. To follow your passions. To express your unique gifts. To live, love, and relate authentically and respectfully, heart to heart, Song to Song.

Commitment means no turning back, to steadily continue on with the quest of waking up. To walk through fears into the unknowns, welcoming the mystery. To keep going, no matter what you come across. No matter what people say. Regardless if others are heading in a different direction.

The Bone Spirits describe our human awakening as a metamorphosis, like a butterfly finding the way of out a chrysalis to begin a new cycle of life, an entirely new existence. We must take action in order to flourish and thrive, to make the passage from what-has-been into the new. This is self-empowered action, step by step, choice by choice, to transform ourselves and our world. No one else can do this for us.

The Spirits indicate that our personal and collective awakening is to be honored as sacred and precious, to be tended to and protected with loving attention and great care.

Rivers of Life Energy

Life Energy flows from the heart of the Mother Earth, to your heart, to the heart of the Sun, to the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. Flowing in both directions. Rivers of Life Energy. Heart to heart to heart to heart.

The Bone Spirits show we tend to resist this. We ignore this. Fear it. Fight against it. Shrug it off. Tone it down. Push it away. Don’t even believe Life Energy exists.

To have a world filled with harmony, happiness and well-being, the Bone Spirits indicate that it is essential for us to openly receive the Life Energy that is abundantly available — for engaging in the activities of our everyday lives, for remembering our Song, for creating balance, for giving and receiving in all our relationships, for healing, transformation, letting go.

Without this interactive relationship with Life Energy, we’ll keep perpetuating the predominant ways of our contemporary world — stress, war, addiction, fighting against nature, win-lose propositions, judgments and fears, disconnection and isolation, countless toxins, ever-increasing disease, surviving in compromised states of being. This is an out-of-balance world.

When the rivers of Life Energy are openly flowing in our bodies and through our whole being, there’s enduring nourishment. We have a steady foundation. This is our tap root, holding us in life.

The Bone Spirits say that accessing and effectively utilizing Life Energy will deeply center us in our whole being and steadily ground us in the world, both the linear and non-linear realms. In entirely new ways. Beyond what we may have even dared dream to be possible for how we can feel, live, love and relate, how clear our attention can be, the ways we can experience health holistically in our bodies, spirits, minds and hearts.

Earth as Teacher

The Bone Spirits describe how vital it is for us to re-create our relationship with the mother earth, her physical being as well as her spirit. We are not seeing her, valuing her, or respecting her. We don’t understand or appreciate who and what the earth really is. We are relating with the earth from the stance of power-over, arrogance, violence, entitlement and disregard for life. We get lost in sorrow and heartache about the destruction on the planet. We don’t want to see the mess or acknowledge how we contribute to the imbalances. We ignore and squelch our creative ability to do things differently and thus continue to generate the same-old status quo, regardless of the cost to ourselves, the earth, all life.

In this turning of the times, the Earth has many gifts to offers us as teacher, ally, companion, friend and guide. She is here, ready to be reached to and related with openly, lovingly, respectfully. As humans, we have much to learn from the physical presence of the earth, the diverse forms and functions, the rhythms and flows of natural cycles. We have much to learn from the spirit of the earth and her vast, vast knowledge gathered up through eons of experience.

The earth is our home. The Bone Spirits indicate we have hardly glimpsed what this really means. The boundless fertility and potentials for life on earth have barely been touched by humans, given our blindly-adopted beliefs about the earth and the ways we’ve constructed our lives.

We can be completely at home in our own skin and on the planet. This means embodying your own body and beingness with unconditional acceptance and love. This means honoring, loving, and respecting the body and beingness of our home planet. This is necessary for building a happy, harmonious, healthy world.

The Bone Spirits show our senses to be a vital pathway for healing our relationship with the earth. With open and active senses, all our physical and non-physical senses, we become more aware of and able to consistently feel and engage with our connectedness with the earth. We remain attentive to our surroundings and the environment. We open possibilities for interactive communication with the whole earth, with individual animals and plants, with the spirits of the mountains, winds and waters.

Our personal and collective awakening involves broadening and reconstructing our ways of relating in community. Community among humans. Community with the earth. Community with the web of life.

Our mother earth is a trustworthy teacher, readily available and ever present. She can open doorways to freedom from our out-of-balance patterns of existence. She can guide us in the letting go and in the birthing of the new. She can teach us about natural in-balance cycles of giving and receiving. She can share with us the very blueprints for life.

As human beings, individually and collectively, it is our time now to weave a relationship with the earth rooted in gratitude, respect, equity, unconditional acceptance and love.

Journal, Volume 3 Issue 1