UnLeashing Love

by JoAnne Dodgson

It was clear from the start there was a wildness in her that wasn’t to be tamed. Despite what they say in dog-training manuals, Jasmine had no interest in following along at my heels or obeying commands just so I’d call her a ‘good girl.’ She wasn’t here to live by the book. She wasn’t born to be leashed or caged.

She’d come to run wild in the woods on impassioned, instinctual hunts. And reach her face to the sky, catching scents blowing by on the winds. And roll around with joyful abandon on the earth, adorning her body with rich pungent smells. And teach me about opening up my senses — listening, feeling, communicating without words as we walk among the trees intrinsically connected as a pack.

She wasn’t
here to live by the book. She wasn’t born to be leashed or caged.

We first met at the animal shelter, Jasmine and me. There were many quirky circumstances that easily could have kept us from crossing paths. And I’m not quite sure who chose who or exactly all the reasons why. Apparently Jasmine wasn’t deterred by my doubts about being a dog mama. She’s made it clear over the years she’s come into my life to stay. Evidently she wasn’t troubled by the fact that I vowed I’d never let my dog sit on the furniture or eat my food or sleep on my bed. She’s done it all anyway.

Jasmine instinctively knows that passionate aliveness has nothing to do with settling for a ho-hum existence. She seeks out abundance and lush creature comforts — warm and cozy places to sleep, dishes full of nourishing foods, a pack of companions, lots of room to roam.

She runs through the land with unbound exuberance. No fences holding her back. No leash reining her in.

With Jasmine, I’ve discovered something magical about love. I can smell it.

A beautiful fragrance emanates from Jasmine’s body when she’s happy and content, getting a belly rub or rounding me up to go out for a walk. I call her enchanting fragrance Puppy Love.

The exquisite beauty of Jasmine’s Puppy Love stops me in my tracks. I want to soak it all up and bask in the feeling, breath it all in and share some back.

Imagine a world filled with Puppy Love.

Imagine unleashing Love. That’s the dream I like to hold.

Creating a world filled with love so tangible we can even smell it.

We can taste it.

We can feel it in our bones.

Journal, Volume 2 Issue 10