We Opened Our Hearts

by Trishuwa

I opened my heart wide.
It was an experiment.
After all I would be leaving soon.
What could two or three days hurt.

I liked it.
It was new and as ancient
as all the ancestors
that live inside me,
inside all of us.

I’m talking to them, the old ones.
I couldn’t stay this
heart wide open
without them.

Part of me so young,
part of all of us so young.

The us who’s earth bodies
walk on two legs.
We’re not ancient
like the stones, the mountains.

I don’t think we can open hearts wide
without our elders,
the kind that live in Spirit.
In time past they had bodies
and walked on the Earth.

They remember beginnings and endings,
birth and death, the gift of having bodies.
From the other side they share
their view of forever.

Some of us with snow on our heads
or wrinkle free minds and faces of youth
begin to sound like them, the ancient ones,
but we’re just saying what they share.

We opened our hearts.

Dedicated to all my Sisters
at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference
August 30, 2013

Journal, Volume 1 Issue 1