Wendy Fairie Robinson

Crete, Greece

All the artwork I make evolves intuitively. I rarely plan any piece and I never have an intended outcome. A face just emerges and sometimes that process is easy and at other times it’s really hard; erasing, redrawing, erasing… and on, and on… until the magic happens.

I am inspired by beauty (inner and outer), emotion and softness in a face. This is my starting point. Mostly this is a face from my imagination and it is a mystery to me where she comes from. Currently I am inspired by the sea and blue lagoons and sands made up of thousands of tiny pink seashells as this is where I am living geographically.

I used to paint giant abstract oil paintings, influenced by architecture. I love buildings and arches and windows. But when I really connected with myself artistically, after giving up teaching a few years ago and claiming back my soul… I find myself painting fairies and mermaids. I don’t know why. But, that’s OK with me.

I have been working in a mixed media way for the past few years and am constantly fascinated by how the addition of each new layer relates to the last one applied. I allow mistakes to happen during the middle stages of the process when I can loosen up enough and then (hopefully!) pull it all together in the end. Sometimes it’s like being in a deep meditative state when I truly let go. And I always get my best result when this happens.

I sometimes feel vulnerable showing my work. Like I am naked, on the page… Quite simply, because it is truly from my heart. This is my gift and if I don’t make art, then I wouldn’t feel alive.


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