Why I Love My Job

I didn’t always love my job. In fact, there was a time when spending even just a few hours behind a computer made me downright miserable. I started off as a graphic designer in the first version of Photoshop, back when advertising was only done in print. I worked in an office under fluorescent lights with high demands and tight deadlines.

While pursuing my degree I kept pace with the rigorous workload and routinely endured harsh critiques from my professors and peers. It was common to find design students crying in the bathroom during reviews and panic attacks were considered normal.

I won design competitions, stayed at the top of my class and had the assurance of a promising career. Three semesters to go and I realized — I didn’t want to work in a cubicle. No way, no how! I suddenly felt as if my education was leading me right into a trap.

I certainly didn’t love the work,
I did it for the money.

I shifted course, I studied printmaking and sculpture, I started painting and learned to farm. I read about herbal medicine and food preservation. I learned to cook, to can, to make my own yogurt and press my own cheese. Now, I take dance classes. I’m learning to play the marimba, how to fish for trout and where to find porcini. I am a happy girl.

So…what about websites? Once I graduated (with a degree in art) I was offered a side gig designing websites for a small company. I could telecommute, so there was no need to trudge into a corporate office. And, it paid the bills.

I certainly didn’t love the work, I did it for the money.

Within a few years, I became a partner in the business and began to hone my skills as a web developer. First, I learned HTML, then CSS and when WordPress came around, I jumped on board. When we launched our first blog I was fascinated by search engine optimization and quickly learned how to get my pages to the top. Then I was introduced to Infusionsoft. Ever since, I’ve been delving into marketing automation.

But, still I thought of myself as an artist, who did web work on the side.

At one point I started building small websites for friends and family on trade so that I could master WordPress and fully understand its capabilities. With no time constraint they became my pet projects and I spent hours and hours finessing those sites until they really looked good to my artistic eye. Now I realize, I was learning to use the web just like any other creative medium. I was no longer slogging away at a toilsome job… I was beginning to enjoy myself.

Now, I jump at the chance to build a website. I am engaged by the challenge that each new project presents and fulfilled by the artistic process. Every site that I create becomes a reflection of the person or business that it is for. I use my toolset to craft sites that not only function precisely, but are truly works of beauty — and I really love doing it!

If you would like to work with me, let’s talk: mel@cyberianfrontier.com.

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